The ResQu call system and components meets the needs of Disabled Toilet Alarm sytems.


500-500 KIT

1 X Control unit

1 X Sounder/Strobe (88dB(A)@1M)

1 X Pull-switch with cord/handles

1 X Double Backbox

1 X Single Backbox

1 X Trunking Adaptor

PDF 500-500 kit user guide

500-500 (Unit Price £76.25 plus VAT & postage)
500-500B (Unit Price £81.25 including batteries)



500-502 KIT

1 X Control unit

1 X Remote Reset Unit

1 X Sounder/Strobe (88dB(A)@1M)

1 X Pull-switch + LED with cord/handles

1 X Double Backbox

2 X Single Backbox

1 X Trunking Adaptor

PDF 500-502 kit user guide

500-502 (Unit Price £93.75 plus VAT & postage)
500-502B (Unit Price £98.75 including batteries)






Pull-Switch (with LED indicator)

Including Cord and Triangles



500-820 (Unit Price £14.38 plus VAT & postage)



Replacement red pullcord

Including Triangles fully assembled.

3 Metres Long with heat sealed ends

This high quality cord is designed for use with industry standard commercial call systems.

1 off 500-830 (Unit Price £2.75 plus VAT & postage £3.50)
5 off 500-830PK5 (5 pack unit Price £12.50 plus VAT & postage £4.50)
10 off 500-830PK10 (10 Pack Price £25.00 plus VAT & postage £4.50)




Pull-Switch (Without Indicator)

Including Cord and Triangles


500-810 (Unit Price £9.25 plus VAT & postage)




Reset Button

Including Backbox


PDF Reset button user guide


500-800 (Unit Price £7.25 plus VAT & postage)




Sounder Strobe

4 tones and Strobe

Adjustable Volume

6 to 30VDC operation, 5mA, 88dB(A)@1m

PDF Care sounder/strobe Data Sheet

500-400 (Unit Price £21.25 plus VAT & postage)




Control Unit



500-850 (Unit Price £49.95 plus VAT & postage)
500-850B (Unit Price £56.00 including batteries)

The ResQu alarm system is easy to fit (even for DIYers). All components in the kit are complete with matching backboxes. All components are clearly marked.

Battery backup versions use a standard rechargeable Ni-MH PP3 (9V) battery, and provide several days of backup.

The design of the control panel allows use of standard type switches and sounders so there is no special proprietry 2 wire busses to lock you in to a particular manufacturer.

The Resqu system will work with any common pullswitch and any low current 12V sounder (up to 35mA).

The Radio version although primarily designed for disabled WC alarms can also be used as a radio sounder extension to fire or burglar alarm systems.

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